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ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis ) Services

One to One Direct Intervention Services

Behavioral Support Partnership provides a trained Behavior Therapist that works directly with your child in your own home. Our Behavior Therapists are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis principles and teaching strategies with a focus on Pivotal Response Treatment® (PRT). One to one direct intervention services for children under three years of age may also be conducted at our clinic – BSP KIDS!

The Behavior Therapist is part of a professional team that works closely together to provide the highest quality of services and supervision. Services are highly individualized and have measurable goals with a focus on functional skills aimed at accelerating the child’s learning curve. Parents are taught to implement teaching strategies during the natural routines of family life.

Targeted skills areas include:

• Communication Skills
• Play Skills
• Social Skills
• Self Regulation
• Motor Skills
• Pre-academic Skills
• Self-help Skills
• Self Management

Supervisors visit your home regularly during the month to monitor your child’s ABA program and measure progress.

Parent Training and Consultation Services

Parent education is always a part of our services. We believe parents are essential to a child’s progress and that learning should not end when the Behavior Therapist leaves your home. In order to ensure that parents have the skills to effectively teach, eliminate behavioral challenges and create environments that facilitate learning at home and in the community, Behavioral Support Partnership provides the following services:

Functional Analysis/Assessment of targeted behaviors conducted across multiple environments

Development of Comprehensive Behavior Support Plans

Environmental adaptations/modifications are made to promote and maintain change in the home

A variety of evidence based teaching strategies are utilized including Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), Incidental Teaching, and Video Modeling

Parents are taught behavior management skills utilizing a Competency Based Training Manual

Parent Training Consultants provide “hands on practice” with the child and parent utilizing ABA skills

Data based treatment planning

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