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Classes for Teachers and Caregivers

Staff Training:

Our expert staff provides training in a variety of topics. Individual and group training packages can be developed to fit your program and staffing needs including:
• ABA Made Simple
• Facilitating Social Interactions
• How to Create Learning Opportunities During Natural Routines
• How to Teach Social Skills
• How to Ensure Successful Transitions
• How to Manage Challenging Behaviors

Parenting Classes:

Whether you are interested in honing your parenting skills, increasing understanding of your child’s behavior, or managing the various behaviors you may encounter as your child moves through the developmental stages, our classes will address your family’s needs.

Below is a sample of our classes for parents:
• Ensuring a Successful Bedtime Routine
• Potty Training 101
• Ensuring a Successful Community Outing
• Working With Children With Food Sensitivities
• Improving Your Child’s Compliance
• Creating Learning Opportunities During Natural Routines
• Teaching Social Skills to Your Child
• Facilitating Social Interactions

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