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Who would benefit from ABA services?

Any individual with a developmental disability (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability, or Fragile X) can benefit from ABA services. Any child who displays “challenging or problem” behaviors or needs to learn new skills can also benefit from ABA. ABA services can be used to increase independence in adolescents and build job skills for adults. ABA is the science behind behavior and is applicable to all individuals to address socially significant behaviors.

At what age should services start?

We believe that services should start as soon as a developmental delay or Autism is suspected. Early intervention results in more positive outcomes for the child according to a well-documented body of research. BSP works with children as young as one year old.

Children of all ages can benefit from ABA and significant outcomes have been documented with adults as well.

How are specific services determined for my child?

We believe each child and family is unique. Our first contact with a family involves an extensive interview to determine what concerns you have about your child. Depending on the age of the child and his/her particular needs, we may conduct a developmental assessment, observe your child interacting with toys, playing with you and then with a Behavior Therapist. A Functional Analysis may be completed if behavioral challenges have been identified as a concern. Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Assessments may be conducted when needed.

Based on this information, BSP Clinical Staff make recommendations on the level of services needed to ameliorate the deficits, reduce behavioral challenges and increase functional skills. Given the specific concerns raised by the family and the level of services needed, BSP may recommend Parent Training and Consultation only or 1:1 Direct Intervention Services plus Parent Training and Consultation.

What is the format of Direct Intervention Services?

BSP utilizes a Mini Team model which includes three or more ABA trained staff working with your child and family.

1. 1:1 intervention: The child works directly with a Behavior Therapist in the home or in the community on skill acquisition and reduction of challenging behaviors. These sessions typically last two hours in duration and are scheduled between two and five days a week (depending on the needs of the child).

2. Parent Training and Consultation: A Parent Training Consultant (PC) works with the parent(s) of the child to teach the principles of ABA and how to apply these to your child. These sessions are typically two hours in duration and are conducted one day per week. (If a child’s 1:1 hours are fading, increased PC hours will be recommended).

3. Supervision: A supervisor oversees the integrity of your child’s treatment program by regularly observing 1:1 sessions (typically between four to eight hours a month), developing programs, analyzing data, writing progress reports and coordinating with other agencies.

What is Parent Education?

BSP believes that parent involvement in your child’s intervention program is critical for success. Accordingly, we encourage your participation in 1:1 sessions and teach you the skills necessary to implement your child’s programs when we are not present. We teach parents to manage existing behaviors and how to analyze behavior so that in the future you have the tools to effectively intervene with your own child. Parents are also taught how to teach functional skills such as toothbrushing, dressing, etc. as well as how to teach replacement behaviors (e.g. tapping parent instead of spitting at them; asking for more time instead of having a tantrum). Goals will be written for parents, taking into consideration the unique dynamics of each family.

Parents will be asked to take data on behaviors and skills in between Parent Consultation sessions. You will also be asked to practice with your child at home when we are not there and in other settings. Having your child practice skills within normal daily routines will facilitate generalization and maintenance of these skills.

As in most important activities, the more consistently parents are involved in their child’s training, the better the outcomes.

Where do services take place?

Services take place in each client’s home or their surrounding community. This allows each child to consistently generalize the skills they are learning to other settings. For those children under three years of age who display two or more deficits in major developmental areas, a comprehensive program like BSP KIDS! may be recommended. BSP KIDS! is a global infant development program which offers ABA, Speech and Occupational Therapy services in our clinic and in the parent’s home.

How will I know if services are effective?

Based on ABA principles, BSP collects data on your child’s goals. We are continuously evaluating your child’s progress with respect to each goal. As goals are met, new goals will be added. If your child’s progress is slow, modifications might be made to his/her program to improve skill acquisition. Supervisors and Quality Assurance Coordinators are in the field frequently to observe and ensure the highest quality intervention services. Every four months, we have a Mini Team meeting with all staff and the parents to go over progress and troubleshoot as necessary.

Who do I contact to begin services? Who funds services?

The Regional Center of your catchment area can be contacted to determine if your child qualifies for ABA services. If your child is eligible for Regional Center services, you may request that BSP provide services to your family. In California, effective July 1, 2012, group health insurance plans will be mandated to offer coverage for autism, specifically ABA services. For such insurance coverage, your child must have a diagnosis of autism or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD).

Parents without coverage noted above may also pay privately for services. Contact for more details.

As a certified Non Public Agency by the California Department of Education, BSP can also contract with local school districts if your child’s needs are school related.

Where does BSP provide services?

BSP’s Orange County office, along with BSP KIDS! is located in Garden Grove, CA, serving Orange County and surrounding areas. BSP North is located in San Leandro, CA and serves Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

BSP provides all services through carefully trained ABA therapists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and licensed professionals including Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists.
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