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At Behavioral Support Partnership, parents play an essential role in their child’s treatment program and learning. Throughout the course of treatment, Behavioral Support Partnership provides support, advocacy, and resources to parents.

Parenting Classes:

Whether you are interested in honing your parenting skills, increasing understanding of your child’s behavior, or managing the various behaviors you may encounter as your child moves through the developmental stages, our classes will address your family’s needs.
Below is a sample of our classes for parents:
• Ensuring a Successful Bedtime Routine
• Potty Training 101
• Ensuring a Successful Community Outing
• Working With Children With Food Sensitivities

Parent Support Network:

Behavioral Support Partnership and its Parent Partners Support Group have reinvented the traditional "support group". Our team of dedicated parents network and provide creative collaboration to help other parents gain information and confidence while building necessary skills to effectively move through the maze of services and regulations affecting children and adults with developmental disabilities.
Monthly meetings include:
• Innovative brainstorming to identify effective toys, games and programs to fit unique kids.
• Setting up Play Dates
• Parent seminars on working with school districts, advocacy, etc.
• Professional guest speakers
• Collaborative meetings with BSP staff
• Sharing and support for participants’ real-life experiences

BSP Parent Liaisons:

A Parent Liaison has a child who has graduated from a BSP treatment program or is nearing the end of services and has volunteered to be the initial contact for new families working with BSP. The Parent Liaison has a strong understanding of BSP‘s philosophy, treatment methods and procedures. The Parent Liaison helps new parents navigate through the initial months of services and gives practical suggestions on how to make the ABA therapy relationship most effective. Parent Liaisons are available to work with other parents throughout their course of treatment services with BSP. Families can expect strict confidentiality in their relationship with the Parent Liaison and BSP.

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