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BSP will always take into consideration your preferences or scheduling conflicts when scheduling appointments. However, if your child or family schedule changes, we do require at least a two week notice from you to attempt to accommodate your new schedule. In practice, it is not always possible to provide you with the same therapists or with the same number of hours due to the fact that many children are receiving treatment hours and all have schedules and preferences. Please understand that BSP is committed to your program and that we will do our best to accommodate changes in a timely manner. Our therapists usually see multiple children in one day. Therefore it is very difficult for us to make sessions a bit longer or shorter and then make up hours on another day. Please make sure your child is available for the duration of the time agreed upon when the schedule was made. BSP almost always assigns multiple therapists to each direct intervention case. This helps with generalization for the child and can also provide a broad base of experience and creativity to help optimize the program.

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