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We are so excited that we are able to continue with PRT in our home. Scott and Manny are amazing and they have a great connection with our son. (Our other children are very fond of them as well!) He continues to blossom with all of their help. Throughout the day I often find myself saying "he learned that through PRT!" Thank you again for everything!

- Tina

I have two boys who are both on the autism spectrum. With both boys we have implemented PRT and it has made a huge difference in their behavior and their skills to communicate and function like typically developing children. Our older son started receiving in home ABA therapy at age four. Within the first 90 days of implementing PRT,I saw improvements in all areas of his development. Fast forward to now and he is pretty much the same as a typical child. He no longer elopes, his aggression has decreased dramatically, and his speech and language are amazing. He is the child out on the play ground initiating play with other children, and he is always able to get a play group going. When I have told other parents that he is on the autism spectrum, they can’t believe it.  He has just made so much progress, it is truly remarkable.

Our younger son, now four, was just diagnosed in April 2009 with autism. Because he had some development delays and was at risk due to his older brother having autism, we were able to get him early intervention at age 2. We starting implementing PRT very early on with him and it has made such an improvement in his life. He had a speech delay, tantrumed all the time, had a very hard time with transitions, and really fixated on objects rather than on people. In using PRT in the therapy sessions and at home we were able reshape the way his brain worked. His use of language, play skills, and his ability to transition without a melt down has improved 100 %. I truly believe that starting PRT so early on saved him from some of the struggles his older brother had faced.

PRT has truly made a difference in our lives. Our home life used to be filled with stress and melt downs. There was a time that I could not take my children out unless I had another adult with me. Now, I can take my kids out independently and can do all the things that families with typical children do. For me, PRT came very naturally, and it is done in such an organic gentle way that the child is very responsive. I do realize that each child has a different functioning level, but I believe PRT can definitely help any child develop a new skill, so they can function better in the world we live in.

- Kimberly

I wanted to let you know how fortunate I feel to have my son be a part of BSP's program. I learned about BSP one year ago from Regional Center where our son's case worker had nothing but good things to say about your company. Well, she was right! From the first moment I was introduced to BSP, I was impressed. Our family was in transition, due to selling our home, and living in an apartment for one month prior to our new home's escrow closing. Our supervisor was very professional, knowledgeable, approachable and kind. I cannot say enough about Stephanie and her dedication to her clients and their families.

Our clinical team was flexible, fun, kind, caring, very creative, energetic and always professional, hard-working and dedicated. They were not afraid to get their hands dirty doing glitter, bubbles, moon sand, etc. My son just loved how they played and interacted with him; and he learned a lot at the same time.

My Parent Consultants shared valuable insights with me, and were able to lift my spirits with their positive attitude and encouraging feedback. One of them even shared amazing stories with me about her own foster daughter who had autism, anecdotes that seemed particularly relevant to our family.

We are grateful for the services our son receives and thankful for the therapists and Parent Consultants that touched our lives.

With much appreciation,
Stephanie and family

We have been clients of Behavioral Support Partnership (BSP) for over 2.5 years.  BSP’s behavior therapists are knowledgeable and professional.  They have a way of making ABA/PRT fun and exciting for our son.  I am involved with many organizations in the Special Needs community and when someone asks about behavior therapy companies, I continually recommend BSP for services.  Our son started out non-verbal, so the BSP Parent Consultant taught us PECS so our son would have a “voice.”  Now he uses an iPad/Touch as an augmentative communication device and the therapists encourage and help guide him with his devices.  We are extremely grateful for all the hard work and effort BSP has put into helping our son become a productive and happier little boy.

Thank you,  Jenna & Tad
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