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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services

aba services

One to One Direct Intervention Services

Behavioral Support Partnership provides a trained Direct Interventionist  that works directly with your child in your own home, BSP Kids Clinic, school or community setting. Our Direct Interventionists are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis principles and teaching strategies with a focus on naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions (NDBI). 

The Direct Interventionist is part of a professional team that works closely together to provide the highest quality of services and supervision. Your team will be led by a Case Supervisor who collaborates with the team (including parent) and provides in field visits to ensure each child’s progress is on track.  

Services are highly individualized  and are aimed at increasing the child’s development across a wide spectrum of skills (e.g. communication, social, play, self-regulation, etc). By partnering with parents, we focus on what is truly important in their lives as well as ameliorating any deficit areas that impact the child’s learning and success.  

Parents are crucial team members in our treatment planning. Measurable goals for each child are set up and tracked per session using  our electronic data collection system.  Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress. Parents are also involved in learning how to implement strategies outside of our 1:1 sessions. For more information, check out our Parent Training services.