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Safety Protocols for Covid

Safety Protocol

BSP Kids Clinic is opening up for very limited services. In accordance with CDC and State of CA and Orange County Health Dept guidelines for reopening businesses, the following safety protocols are in place.

Parent Drop Off/Pick Up

1. Upon arrival to the clinic, the family will text us that they have arrived. Staff will call the family to have Caregiver answer health screening questions. If health screening is passed, the Caregiver will walk his/her child up the sidewalk entrance where the assigned staff will be waiting to conduct a no touch temperature check. If there is no temperature, the staff takes control of the child and enters the clinic. 2. Caregivers must wear masks for drop off and pick up. The Caregivers will not enter the clinic. 3. Upon entering the clinic, staff will walk child to the bathroom. Both staff and child will wash their hands. 4. Staff will use sanitizing wipes to wipe down faucet handles and door knob after handwashing. 5. Parents will arrive 10 minutes prior to the end of session to pick up their child. They will text the staff to inform them they have arrived. Staff will walk the child to the door of the clinic and collect a signature on their device. The staff will provide parent with a brief verbal summary of session. Parents will wear mask at this time.


1. Staff will conduct health screening prior to entering the clinic. 2. Staff will wash their hands immediately upon arriving to the clinic. Staff will be assigned a room via email from Scheduler. The staff can only use the material inside the room assigned to them. 3. Staff and child will wash their hands again every hour. 4. Staff will disinfect toys with sanitizing wipes throughout session as often as possible and at the end of session. 5. All surfaces, door knobs, cabinet knobs, etc. will be disinfected. 6. Staff will only remain in clinic during their designated session times. 7. If another staff is scheduled at the clinic, there will be no overlap. Appointments will be staggered to avoid exposure. 8. Staff will wear face masks the entire time they are in the clinic. 9. Social distancing will be maintained at all times.