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How is BSP different than other ABA services?

Behavioral Support Partnership (BSP) is an innovative play-based ABA agency dedicated to Improving the Quality of Family Life of our clients. With a particular focus on  Pivotal Response Treatment, we have worked with thousands of families with children of all ages to optimize their potential. How are we different? •Founded in 2005, BSP was one […]

Is ABA effective with adults?

Applied Behavior Analysis is effective with all ages.  Target goals for adults, however will be different and age appropriate .    Our focus is on developing functional life skills that support an individual throughout his/her life such as: Laundering clothes, cooking Using an ATM card How to make a complaint What to do if you […]

How do I know ABA therapy is working?

Applied behavior analysis is based on data driven, empirically based strategies.   We utilize data collected by the 1:1 Direct Interventionist and parent to document behavior change across time   such as reducing challenging behaviors,  building communication skills, improving social interactions, etc. •Ask what your child’s baseline rates of behaviors and skills are •Ask how your […]

How to Choose the right ABA company for your family?

Choosing the right ABA Company.  What to look for? Is there longevity of the company and staff ? Is staff training conducted in person and competency based? What is the experience level of 1:1 staff and Supervisors? Is there frequent and on-going in- field (or telehealth) direct supervision of 1:1 staff ? Are there individualized treatment goals? […]

How parents can help with ABA during the current Covid 19 Pandemic

Many families are homebound with online learning and telehealth ABA sessions. Some strategies that may help your children during our telehealth sessions include: Prepare for the session ahead of time – make sure batteries are charged in iPad; computer is working Assemble any materials needed before the session Be prepared to assist your child if necessary in attending […]