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behavioral support partnership

Our Team

Melissa Sweitzer, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Executive Director, Licensed Psychologist

Melissa Sweitzer

Dr. Sweitzer is a licensed psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, specializing in Applied Behavioral Analysis and developmental disabilities. Dr. Sweitzer received her Doctorate degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Southern California and has over 30 years of experience working with individuals with challenging behaviors in a wide range of settings including home, school, residential settings and vocational day programs. She has conducted numerous workshops and presentations on Applied Behavior Analysis nationwide.

Dr. Sweitzer began her long career in Florida as a Behavior Specialist providing ABA and parent training services to families. The joy and excitement of seeing success as a child learns to speak are the moments that have inspired Dr. Sweitzer.  She founded Behavioral Support Partnership (BSP) in 2005 to provide ABA services in family homes, the BSP Kids Clinic and in the community.   She currently serves as President and Executive Director. 

During her extensive career, Dr. Sweitzer has held clinical and management positions at the Florida Mental Health Institute’s Parent and Child Training project, the Regional Center of Orange County, and private treatment agencies. In 1990, Dr. Sweitzer started a behavior consulting practice in Southern California that continues to support adults with developmental disabilities in residential and vocational settings. 

Senior Management

Marina Garcia, M.A., BCBA

Clinical Director

Marina Garcia

Marina is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over a decade of experience working with children diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities. She has extensive experience working in the home, community and school settings. Marina enjoys working with the early intervention population and is especially passionate about educating and empowering our Spanish speaking families.

Marina has a Master’s degree in Teaching with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from National University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UCLA. Marina has extensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis, including Pivotal Response Treatment and Positive Behavior Support strategies. She is certified in PECS and has attained Level III Certification in PRT. Marina has taught coursework on Autism at Cal State Los Angeles and behavior management classes at Harbor Regional Center and Regional Center of Orange County. She has also volunteered her time to speak at various Spanish speaking support groups throughout Orange County.

Rosa Galvez, M.S., BCBA

Manager of Early Start Services

Rosa Galvez

Rosa has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 2016 and is the Manager of Early Start services here at BSP. Rosa attended California State University, Long Beach, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Education. It was during this time that Rosa’s passion for supporting others flourished as she delved deep into the intricacies of Public Health. As Rosa gained experience in the field of ABA, she was motivated to do more to support her clients achieve their goals and went on to obtain a Master of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from National University. Rosa’s dedication to her clients is matched only by her enthusiasm for collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds, bridging gaps between Spanish speaking communities and providers, and educating families on the principles of ABA. Rosa strives to maintain an environment where everyone can thrive and learn together.

BCBA Clinical Supervisors

Anka Amadeo, M.A./M.S., BCBA

Anka Amadeo, M.A./M.S., BCBA

Anka has dedicated the past 15 years to exploring the helping fields of Psychology, Holistic Healing and Applied Behavioral Analysis. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Northeastern Illinois University, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Ball State University, and a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis from National University. Anka received her BCBA certification in June of 2021. Her current focus revolves around contributing to the well-being of children and families affected by Autism and other related developmental disorders. One of her greatest passions has been improving child-parent dynamics. 

 As a Clinical Supervisor with BSP, Anka receives much joy in helping children develop a voice of their own and assisting parents in the process of navigating challenging behaviors and supporting their children’s growth with grace and ease. Anka is involved in several healing practices and creative projects, dedicating most of her free time to personal growth, friends, family, art and nature.

Sunny Cheon

Sunny has been working with individuals with autism and developmental disabilities since 2016. She values the field’s unique opportunity to work not only with the individual but also empowering the family as a whole. Sunny hopes to open more doors for the Korean community using her bilingual skills and further enrich the diversity of the support group. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of California, Riverside and received her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from National University. Sunny is now a Board Certified Analyst, continually working to be of positive impact to all children and families she works with. In her free time, Sunny enjoys a variety of arts, listening to music, and traveling.

Samantha Mc Donald , M.S., BCBA

samantha mcdonald

Samantha is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with five years of experience serving children and their families. She haMaster’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from National University and a double major in Sociology and Psychology from California State University, Long Beach. During her time in undergraduate school, she worked as a Social Psychology and Child Psychology Research Assistant. It was at this time that she began working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities and fell in love with the field of applied behavior analysis. Samantha’s interests include reading, cinema, watercolor painting, and cooking.

Janis Niemann, M.S., BCBA

janis niemann
Janis Niemann is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who holds a Master’s of Science in Counseling with a concentration in Advanced Behavior Analysis from Nova Southeastern University. Janis is originally from Buffalo, NY where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in History Education. Janis has over 9 years of experience working with children who have special needs and their families. Her interests include early intervention, social skills facilitation, and working with individuals with challenging behaviors.